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Awakening Into the Golden Age

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A Divinely Guided 3-Day Online Course of Spiritual Transformation

A Journey with Sri Amma Bhagavan









Take a powerful 3-day journey of learning the sacred teachings and wisdom from living Spiritual Avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan. This rare live Online Event allows you to undergo a deep inner journey of healing and awakening while in the comfort of your own home. 

Spiritual Awakening

Undergo powerful processes to shift your consciousness into a state of deep inner freedom.

Divine Connection

Awaken and Deepen the Connection to your Higher Sacred Self. Live a Life of Miracles and Grace.

Global Transformation

Join a sacred family of 74,000 thousand spiritual beings across the globe who are working together towards the awakening of humanity. Get initiated as a Happiness Meditator, empowering you with the ability to help others shift in consciousness.

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