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Drive-up Rooftop Meditation

Nourish Your Spirit While Socially Distanced

Heart-Centered Resilience Meditation

Image by Allie
Hatha Class

These past months on lockdown have left many feeling isolated. CoBiz Richmond and Moyo Institute are partnering to offer a way for folks to gather for meditation observing social distancing.


Join us for this focused Thursday evening meditation "Resilience in the Face of Challenges" to enhance your capacity to meet and transcend obstacles. This drive-up rooftop meditation is an example of re-tooling and transcending obstacles. The year 2020 hit humanity with an unprecedented set of challenges with impacts still reverberating.  In many ways this is a time of reckoning, a time for healing what is broken within us and within our communities and societies. It doesn’t matter if you are experiencing challenges in your relationships, finances, career, are unsettled by actions of others, or simply worrying about what the future holds, this meditation course is for you.


Practicing this Heart-Centered Resilience Meditation, you will begin to rise above the obstacles to a happy, successful, empowered life. You will be able to meet life’s challenges with a powerful, yet peaceful heart. 

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