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Cultivating Intuition

This series of seven courses is designed to teach students how to develop and refine their intuitive skills. It will cover basic techniques for tuning into body awareness and extrasensory perception, accessing and developing intuitive knowing, and developing the capacity to use intuition in service to humanity.


Progression through the entire series leads to certification in the MOYO Method of Intuitive Service.

Six Subtle Signs – Course 1

Intuition is an inner intelligence of higher wisdom that communicates to us through our body and extrasensory perceptions.


Body awareness is a key resource in accessing your intuition. In this course, you will discover how you already are receiving intuitive impulses and explore the unique ways your intuition communicates to you through your body sensations and extra sensory perceptions.


Learn to distinguish mind chatter, that has developed from internalized opinions and teachings of others from the higher consciousness of inner guidance. Learn daily practices to refine awareness and use your authentic intuitive awareness for everyday living.

Course Details

Course Duration:

3 three-hour sessions

Class Location:

Sound Temple Healing Arts

503 D Street, Suite 6 

San Rafael, CA 94901

Method of Delivery:

Meditation, tuning in, interactive techniques, sharing feedback

Class Materials:

Lecture, experiential exercises, meditation, participant sharing, integrated practice



Course Fee:

$150  per course

Upcoming Courses

Crystal Ball

San Rafael, CA

Thur, Apr 27, May 4 & 11

Sound Temple Healing Arts

Golden Gate Bridge

San Rafael, CA

More 2023 dates coming soon

Sound Temple Healing Arts

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