Are You Coping with Stress?

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What is Stress?

Stress is the physical, mental or emotional tension that occurs when we attempt to cope with changing circumstances. Signs of stress can range from mild to severe, from a slight annoyance or minor headache, to a nervous breakdown or chronic illness. Despite its negative connotation and the general consensus that “stress is bad”, a total stress-free life is not ideal for progress in life.

Stress Makes the Universe Go Round

Stress, or pressure, operates on every aspect of the universe. The universe is in continuous motion, and for motion to take place, a certain amount of force must be applied. A child is delivered from the womb due to pressure. Seeds absorb water from the soil and germinate into plants due to pressure. Nature creates pressure to push us to the next stage of growth. Similarly, an optimal stress level is essential for any kind of movement in life. Stress stretches us beyond our normal capabilities and brings about more evolved forms of existence.

Biological vs. Psychological Stress 

Unfortunately, the predominant type of stress we see today is immense psychological pressure.

Civilization develops at unprecedented speed, and we are expected to keep up with this rapid pace. As soon as we become familiar with the current ways of life, they disappear and are replaced by new technologies, inventions, and systems to adjust to. The old dies and makes way for the new to emerge. Constantly, the body-mind organism struggles to adapt, and those unable to do so undergo tremendous stress.

Build a Home, Not a House

Amidst these incessant changes, human beings need to find stability and a sense of belonging. As family is the cornerstone of all relationships and experiences we face in the outside world, challenging times ask us to re-examine our home dynamics. If our family relationships reflect disconnect and chaos, certainly we can expect our outer life to mirror the same. If we want life to bring us calm and peaceful experiences, we must approach our loved ones with a similar attitude at home. Work on improving your family relationships, and you would find that a healthy family system naturally provides you with the support, emotional resources, and intelligence to withstand stressful times.

We often can easily identify what other people should do to make our relationships harmonious. But seldom do we give thought to what we could do. Spend some time this week reflecting on how you are coping with stress. Is your stress level optimal or excessive? Also, give thought to how you can nurture your primary support system - your family relationships.

~Nitya Naidu, Social Media Coordinator

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash