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Bathe in Light and Sound: Supreme Light Meditation and Cosmic Gong Bath

Updated: May 26, 2019

Jan is a Oneness Trainer and Certified Acutonics® Sound Healer

Grab your yoga mat, a blanket and pillow and join us on June 22, at 7:00 pm, at Lake Merritt Church in Oakland, for a spectacular evening of immersion in Sound Healing and Supreme Light Meditation. This Cosmic Sound Bath is deeply healing. It is great for meditation and relaxation, emotional release, decreased depression, lowering blood pressure, clearing chakras and stimulating the flow of Kundalini energy.

The Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation is a powerful transmission of Divine energy that allows us to experience Divine Grace as a collective, and strengthens our connection to the Divine. It also supports the activation of our light bodies as the Earth Ascends. This is one of the gifts to help usher in the blossoming of the Golden Age.

Benefits of the Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation are good relationships, happiness, peace and joy.

Give yourself the gift of nourishing your spirit. More information and tickets available at


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