Give Yourself the Gift of Wealth during Akshaya Tritiya - Saturday, 4/25

Also known as the day of "never-ending prosperity," it is no wonder this festival will be celebrated all across India this weekend. A little about Akshaya Tritiya:

"Akshay" means undying in Sanskrit, while "Tritiya" marks the 3rd day of the lunar month. During this once-in-a-year phenomenon, the Sun, Moon, and Venus each transit their favored places in the cosmos. This unique alignment lends an auspicious energy to our planet, and it is therefore considered extremely auspicious for all wealth-related matters. Any venture started on this day is said to be successful.

It goes hand in hand then, that it's the perfect time to set an intention for increased prosperity!  Really, marriage, health, finances, career, business ventures, or spiritual consciousness are all forms of wealth, so we invite you to take advantage of the special energies available this day.

Our Tips for Powerful Manifestation:

1. Set aside 10-15 minutes to sit in a quiet space.

2. Pick one wish you want fulfilled. The more specific, the better.  You may want to try writing it out first for greater clarity.

3. Visualize yourself enjoying your gift as though you have already received it. See it happening in moving 3D color. Immerse yourself in this joy for some time.

4. Express gratitude to the cosmos (or your preferred form of the Divine) for granting your wish.

Repeat these steps for each wish, if you have multiple wishes. And remember - It IS about "unending" abundance, after all.  So we encourage you not to limit yourself, and go BIG with your intentions! We know we will! 


~ Nitya Naidu, Social Media Coordinator