Happiness is a Choice: 5 Easy Steps to Help You Get There

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Moyo Musings - Weekly Reflections for Growth

"Your thoughts are not your thoughts."

This is a difficult concept to grasp for the majority of us. Most people believe they are originating their thoughts. But actually, we are interconnected with everyone and everything. We are constantly bombarded by thoughts circling around us. So, it is important for us to cultivate thoughts, just the same way we would grow good crops or water a plant. 

So how do we cultivate the right thoughts? Just as we tune into our favorite TV channel, we could choose any thought channel that energizes us. There are a vast number of channels to choose from in the thought sphere. You'll easily know you've selected the right channel, when you feel positive feelings, such as gratitude, love, and compassion.

Here are some ways we can influence our thoughts.

1. Clean, tidy and harmonious physical environment

Have you ever noticed how productive you are after a nice spring cleaning? Do you concentrate better with minimalist decor or relaxing coffee shop music? This is no coincidence. Keeping our home and work surroundings neat and orderly help to enhance positive emotions. On the contrary, a cluttered room could evoke feelings of panic and anxiety. 

Pay attention to wall hangings and decorative pieces in your home as well. For example, if you have a giant mural of a girl weeping, you'll gravitate towards sorrow and loneliness. If your bedroom ceiling is covered with glow-in-the-dark stars, you might fall asleep feeling awe-inspired and at peace. While you may not need a complete feng shui makeover, use your intuition on whether your home decor is working to elevate or degenerate your consciousness.

2. Pay attention to what you let in

If visual stimuli is important, then it naturally follows that we should be mindful of the music we listen to as well. While many top 40 songs are catchy and fun to dance to, if we pay closer attention to the lyrics, we'll find that some songs are full of hate, fear and aggression. In other words, they support a divisive consciousness.

It is important to understand how music is connected to the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind does not discriminate between good and bad, but keeps a record of everything ever heard, thought and spoken, like a diary. The unconscious mind then replicates experiences, based on what we have programmed (i.e., written in our diaries). This includes the music we sing and listen to. If we keep singing about painful heartbreak, the universe might assume we'd like to be given a painful heartbreak! In essence, we are the master designers and computer programmers of our collective unconscious. Music is food for the senses, so be mindful of the input you program into your everyday.

This goes for anything we choose to tune into, including TV shows and the news. While it is fine to consume content in moderation, it is important that we are conscious of the frequencies we are tuning into. Repetitive tuning into a specific frequency begets the greatest consequences, be they painful or joyful.

3. Keep it real

None of us could live life telling the truth all the time. There are situations where it might even be better to lie! That is up for you to decide. However, whenever we wear a mask in the outside world, we should be aware of the conflict we experience internally. For example, when you put on a sweet, agreeable face for your friend, but you're really feeling annoyed inside, simply recognize this discrepancy within yourself. Instead of telling yourself that you're a noble person, see that you're only doing so to save face!

4. Choose your friends wisely

If you've read this far, by now you've probably realized how easily influenced we are by our environment. That is why we should also be mindful of the company we keep. We should surround ourselves with uplifting people who support a positive inner dialogue. 

Of course, we cannot guarantee that we will be surrounded by positive people 100% of the time! That is not realistic, and a part of life is learning how to interact with a variety of personalities. However, we can make a conscious effort whenever possible, such as who we eat lunch with at work or spend our free time with. What we speak about in our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Dialogue such as "I am fortunate and lucky" will support abundance in your life. Consistently repeating "nothing good ever happens to me" won't work in your favor.

5. Practice the Happiness Meditation 

Join us for the Happiness Meditation on Monday and Friday evenings at 7:00 p.m., Pacific Time. In this 30-minute meditation, we take time for ourselves and unwind in a relaxed virtual environment. Letting go of stress by meditating not only makes one less-irritable, but when we are happy, it rubs off on those around us.

Don’t worry if this seems hard

Pace yourself. These five simple steps are choices that will help you tune your consciousness to a happy channel. They are not a substitute for dealing with emotional trauma or pain. As you clear out the mental clutter, you make space inside to really feel what’s going on. Allow yourself to fully process emotions that arise. Seek therapeutic help or support, if needed, and don’t be hard on yourself. Following these five steps to happiness will increase your awareness of your inner experience. Focused awareness is a key that puts you on the path to inner freedom and happiness.

~Nitya Naidu, Social Media Coordinator

Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash