United in Fear: Are Guns The Answer?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

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In an ironic twist of circumstances, after many California communities sponsored gun buy-backs over the past several years, the industry is reporting record gun sales in 2020, being driven up ostensibly by first-time gun owners.

Fear is Driving Record Gun Purchases

On a recent National Public Radio report, a few first-time buyers were asked why they felt they needed to purchase a gun. While the specific responses differed, a common thread in all the responses was a feeling of dread and fear about what might happen as conditions worsen in the country. If we take these as representative of the feelings of all gun buyers, it reveals that some fear an overflow of violence from demonstrations, others fear the fringe extremists, others feel vulnerable as a result of fires and power-outages, while others fear the erosion of civility. One woman said it feels as if something fundamental has shifted... like the world moved on its axis. She said, "I am afraid and what troubles me is I don't know what I am afraid of..."