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Journey Into Happiness 

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The Journey is Now Online - October 26

Attendees at recent "Journeys"

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Give Yourself This Gift of Immersion from the Comfort of Home


Journey Into Happiness is day of immersion for personal transformation that ignites the inward journey to a more awakened and joy-filled life. These life-changing processes are taught in India. Perhaps it is not practical for you to travel to India. The good news is that now India is coming to you - right here to your own screen. 


This day of ancient sacred practices, powerful teachings, and meditations led by an awakened teacher deepens and anchors our state so that we begin to fully embody an Awakened Consciousness.

Discover the nature of inner struggle and receive activations that allow you to embody your highest potential by staying Present and undefended.


Journey Into Happiness brings gifts for which we've all been waiting, including:


A Calm Mind


Profound Inner Peace


Personal Growth


Transformation in Consciousness


Improved Wellbeing


Loving Relationships; and 


Enhanced Capacity for Success, Wealth, Joy and Happiness.

Practical Tools

Deepened awareness and witnessing that releases obsolete stories, barriers and defense mechanisms while bringing continuous stillness, calm and clarity.

Don't Miss Out

This course will be taught live from India and audio-streamed to 40+ cities in the US and Canada.


Take the day off.  Trade hours with a co-worker.  Do what you must, but don't miss this incredible opportunity!

Testimonials From Recent Participants 

"I couldn't lift my arm when the day started, now I can raise it completely."  - Barbara

"There is nothing that cannot be faced in the presence of the Great Compassionate Light, which is very available and very alive in each of us." - Bob

"This will change your life. Each process builds on the last and more joy, peace and happiness for you all your brothers and sisters." - Anon

"This is a wonderful and profound experience. Every time I enter into this process, I receive something uniquely extraordinary and beautiful." - Kathy

"Supportive focus and field for self-awakening, opening to unconscious positions, and being receptive to self-compassion and direct connection with luminous presence." - Susan

"If you are looking for a tool to guide you in the journey of moving towards inward joy and away from suffering, take the course." - Katrina

"The process of healing in this course is simple, powerful and playful. I will come back with friends." - Nate

"This is an awesome and safe space... so much love, support and peace." - Julian

"This one-day experience is life changing in an easy and joyous way." - Janell

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