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South Africa Source & Synchronicities Event

Moyo sponsored the tuition for five South Africans to attend the Source and Synchronicities Course held in their country and organized by Ngizweni Gamalatjie Initiative under the leadership of Lorato Scherpenhuyzen. Ngizweni Gamalatjie Initiative is a registered nonprofit organization that helps rural and marginalized communities reach their full potential.


Listen to their experiences:

The people of South Africa feel threatened on a daily basis by violence, poverty, hatred and disunity. Many are in despair, not knowing where to turn. Communities are trying their best to address these important issues.

“As we seek permanent solutions, and engage in different activities to solve the problems that the people of South Africa are facing - it is also of vital importance to deal with dynamics that are responsible for creating disharmony within our own families. Our communities are created by these families.”  

~ L. Scherpenhuyzen


The mission and vision of the founders of the O&O Academy is to free all humanity from suffering. The programs address traumas that stop people from cooperating with one another harmoniously. Source and Synchronicities is one of these programs, and the results are truly profound, because they transform lives.

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