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About MOYO

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The word MOYO means "heart" or "in the center of" in several African languages... In Japanese, it refers to pattern. The goal of MOYO INSTITUTE, INC. is to support the restoration of harmony and balance within individuals, families, and communities. The Institute facilitates the sharing of processes and practices that stimulate wellbeing from within.

A portion of revenue collected supports teaching members from marginalized and  underserved communities.

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Moyo's mission is to offer heart-centered educational experiences that foster inner peace, happiness, wellbeing, creativity, connection and oneness.

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We want to make the world a better place. As humanity is continuing to evolve, together we have the potential to create life systems that work for everyone. By tapping into higher states of consciousness and empowered by inner wisdom, we can support our fellow beings and ourselves while working towards:

  • Achieving peace

  • Living harmoniously with others

  • Cherishing the diversity that forms the human tapestry

  • Instilling or restoring respect for all of nature

  • Remaining open to continuous growth, and 

  • Unleashing the innate unbounded spirit.        


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  • Elevating the quality of life

  • Empowering self-healing

  • Modeling personal integrity

  • Practicing conscious communication

  • Honoring diversity

  • Building integral communities

  • Service

  • Celebrating life’s journey

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