Love Letters to Our Bodies

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A Contemplative Workshop for Women of Color Living with Cancer & Cancer Survivors

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Lloyd Symington Foundation


According to the American Cancer Society, the incidence of cancer (those who are diagnosed with the disease) in the United States is highest in African Americans. About 224,080 new cancer cases and 73,680 cancer deaths are expected to occur among Black people in 2022. Also, cancer is the leading cause of death among Hispanic people, accounting for 20% of deaths.


People of color have poorer health outcomes with cancer.  For instance, statistics from the National Cancer Institute’s “Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program” reveal that:

  • Blacks/African Americans have higher death rates than all other racial/ethnic groups for many cancer types.

  • Despite having similar rates of breast cancer, Black/African American women are more likely than White women to die of the disease.

  • Hispanic/Latino and Black/African American women have higher rates of cervical cancer than women of other racial/ethnic groups, with Black/African American women having the highest rates of death from the disease.


The incidence of cancer (those who are diagnosed with the disease) in the United States is highest in African Americans.  We each can make a contribution to improving these statistics from understanding contributing factors, helping loved ones navigate their fears, trauma and suffering, providing comfort, researching and sharing helpful information, encouraging lifestyle changes and early medical care or participation in clinical trials. 


We all have extensive connections with African American women through personal networks. Someone’s mother, sister, aunt, daughter, wife, lover, or friend has cancer. Reach out through your personal networks to reach as many women as possible.  

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Attend Online


August 6 & 7 - Nationwide

11:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m., Pacific


English with Spanish Interpretation



Advanced Registration and Participation Commitment Required / Inscripción avanzada y compromiso de participación requeridos  

Treat yourself to this eight-hour workshop offered in two four-hour sessions.  Thanks to the generous support of the LLOYD SYMINGTON FOUNDATION there is no cost to participants. We will explore the stories our bodies hold compassionately through contemplation, meditation & ritual.  These stories will be the impetus for the"Love Letters to our Bodies."

Disfrute de este taller de ocho horas ofrecido en dos sesiones de cuatro horas.   Gracias al generoso apoyo de la FUNDACIÓN LLOYD SYMINGTON no hay costo para los participantes. Exploraremos las historias que nuestros cuerpos sostienen compasivamente a través de la contemplación, la meditación y el ritual.   Estas historias serán el ímpetu para las "Cartas de Amor a nuestros Cuerpos."

What You Will Receive / Lo Que Usted Recibirá

Each participant will write her Love Letter for inclusion in a booklet. Select letters also will be recorded along with meditations to support you on your journey.   Online participants will receive a pdf  of the booklet. In-person participants will receive a printed booklet. All participants will receive an mp3 file of the recorded Love Letters and specific meditations to support you on your journey. 

Cada participante escribirá su Carta de Amor para su inclusión en un folleto. También se grabarán algunas cartas junto con meditaciones para apoyarte en tu viaje.   Los participantes en línea recibirán un pdf del folleto. Los participantes en persona recibirán un folleto impreso. Todos los participantes recibirán un archivo mp3 de las Cartas de Amor grabadas y meditaciones específicas para apoyarte en tu viaje. 

How to Submit Your Love Letter / Cómo enviar tu carta de amor

If you only want to submit your love letter, write it, take a photo and submit it by clicking on the red envelope here or simply forward it along with a photo of yourself and your contact information, by email to info@moyoinstitute.org.

Si solo desea enviar su carta de amor, escríbala, tome una foto y envíela haciendo clic en el sobre rojo aquí o simplemente reenvíela junto con una foto suya y su información de contacto, por correo electrónico a info@moyoinstitute.org.