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Moyo successfully completed the campaign and sent 33 youth to India on scholarship. Thank you for making it possible.


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33 Youth Scholarships Awarded to Attend World Youth Change Makers Program 

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The excitement was palpable as the youth who volunteered to help at the Bay Area Source and Synchronicities weekend learned for the first time that they were going to be sponsored to attend the World Youth Change Makers (WYCM) Program in India. WYCM is a program developed for youth interested in becoming leaders with powerful presence to inspire and heal the world.


The future of our world will be in the hands of today’s young people. The teenage and young adult years can be very difficult and filled with pressures to achieve and fit in.  Many youth push themselves to extremes to reach the top, becoming miserable and burnt out human beings in the process. Others simply drop out and fail to reach their potential.  

See testimonials below.

When the road to success sits on such shaky foundations, a troubled inner state tends to destroy the hard-earned results created. In order to experience an abundant external life and a fulfilled and joyful inner state, youth must learn the art of sustainable success.


Attending the World Youth Change Makers program, they learn the wisdom principles and meditation practices that are specially designed to awaken the “Heart Leader” within. Youth who attend the program report having more confidence, recognizing how to deal with conflict and rejection, seeing the interconnection between themselves and others, and being imbued with passion to contribute to making the world a better place.