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Moyo's CEO Featured on "You Are Not Invisible After 50 Podcast" and Launches New Website

When asked to be a guest on the You Are Not Invisible After 50 Podcast, Gwendolyn hesitated, unsure of when she could fit it into her schedule. A schedule that included a last-minute trip to India to be in the presence of her teacher for 7 consecutive days.

However, when she spoke with the podcast host Kiran Kumar of Great Britain, she felt a connection and agreed.

"Now and then you come across people you know the universe has put in your path," Gwendolyn observed. "Kiran is one of those people and what she is addressing with her podcast is a very important step in setting the tone for the world we want to see more and more of now and in the years to come."

In the interview Gwendolyn shares key moments that shaped the person she has become and her work at Moyo Institute, Inc., including the "Love Letters to Our Bodies," project. Gwen also shared about her involvement in the Golden Age Movement.

"When you mentioned Love Letters to Our Bodies, it brought a tear to my eyes, said Kiran. "It's so emotional. We all deserve to write love letters to ourselves. The Idea is so beautiful, it captures your imagination and the heart. It is something that everyone should do."

The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple. Click either link to listen. Also, checkout Gwendolyn's new website at


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