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64kAwake is a community of folks who are ushering in the Golden Age with clarity, calm and focus. We are holding the vision for the Earth's ascension and rebirthing of humankind with the values of cooperation, peace and harmony, authenticity, self-awareness and integrity. We want a world that works for everyone. 64kAwake is not for selling services or products, nor for promoting events. It is to share, insights, experiences, ideas and inspiration. 64kAwake is open to anyone, from all different paths, who feels aligned with this mission.

A highly regarded spiritual avatar Sri Amma Bhagavan says, 64,000 is a CODE, not a finite number. We are all encouraged to aim for coalescing with 64,000 Awake individuals within our respective countries. For some countries like India, it is 64,000 for each state. Together we can help uplift the consciousness of humanity and bring about a world that truly understands that oneness is more than a concept. There are so many people around the globe holding this frequency for change.  Moyo's goal is to help bring all of us into each other's awareness. On Facebook, join, like and share with friends  @64kAwake.

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