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Create Your Best Life - Online Dec 13

Attendees at predecessor course...

A Powerful Experience of Self-Discovery


CREATE is a power packed experience of self-discovery and bringing our inner and outer perceptions into coherence. We are all incredible creators. However, we generally create in an unconscious manner, producing haphazard or undesirable results. Often, we fail to achieve the desires of our hearts because of programs and conditioning. In this course, we will experience:

 • Deeper awareness of the affect of  emotions on our ability to create

 • Shifts in consciousness

 • Energy clearing & balancing

 • Gifts and Miracles

Ancient sacred practices, powerful teachings, meditations led by an awakened teacher prepare us for a powerful transmission of light so we can CREATE Abundance in all areas of our lives.

This 3-hour course is an extension of the Journey Into Happiness and will be taught online live from India during the Covid Pandemic. It is an incredible opportunity!

What's In It For You...

Energy Clearing & Balancing

Ancient and modern teachings imbued with ‘mystical processes’ that absolutely transform your Consciousness to bring inner and outer perceptions into coherence.

Practical Tools

Discover the nature of the inner struggle and receive activations that allow you to embody your highest potential to create abundance in all areas of your life.

Light, Gifts & Miracles

Experience deeper wisdom and Divine connection as an active force in your life bringing about  gifts, miracles, transcendence and fulfillment.

Testimonials From Recent Journey Participants 

"I couldn't lift my arm when the day started, now I can raise it completely."  - Barbara

"There is nothing that cannot be faced in the presence of the Great Compassionate Light, which is very available and very alive in each of us." - Bob

"This will change your life. Each process builds on the last and more joy, peace and happiness for you all your brothers and sisters." - Anon

"This is a wonderful and profound experience. Every time I enter into this process, I receive something uniquely extraordinary and beautiful." - Kathy

"Supportive focus and field for self-awakening, opening to unconscious positions, and being receptive to self-compassion and direct connection with luminous presence." - Susan

"If you are looking for a tool to guide you in the journey of moving towards inward joy and away from suffering, take the course." - Katrina

"The process of healing in this course is simple, powerful and playful. I will come back with friends." - Nate

"This is an awesome and safe space... so much love, support and peace." - Julian

"This one-day experience is life changing in an easy and joyous way." - Janell

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