Blessing All Life

Our connection with nature is important.  We often see ourselves apart from nature. However, the planet is an integral ecosystem of which we are a small part. 


We have a role to play in nurturing the planet and allowing her to nurture us.  We can start by taking small steps, such as reducing waste... Being thoughtful about purchases...  Taking time to be out in nature.  Allowing ourselves to receive the energy of the five elements  earth,  water, fire, air and ether.

We can also embrace the wisdom that nature offers and look for ways to partner with her.  Let our thoughts, words and deeds be a blessing to this beautiful place the is our home.

Course includes nature walks, visits to nurseries, and bayside  journaling.  It also includes lectures by guest practitioners who work with the five elements.

Course Details

Course Duration:

One-day (8hours)

Class Location:


Method of Delivery:

Lecture, interactive exploration, participant sharing

Class Materials:

Notebook, pen, water bottle, various other items



Course Fee:

$15 - $60 sliding fee

Upcoming Courses


New Dates Coming Soon

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New Dates Coming Soon

Location to be announced

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