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Embracing Opposites

Both/And Instead of Either/Or

The ability to embrace opposites is an indication of spiritual maturity. Western culture primarily cultivates the left-brain. the hemisphere that governs logic.  This is where we perceive absolutes: good/bad, right/wrong, black/white, friend/foe. The right brain (the creative and intuitive side) is where we hold ambiguity, paradox, perceive “gray” areas. When the two hemispheres are balanced, we have more capacity for compassion, forgiveness, and understanding of different perspectives, and have more peace and harmony within ourselves.

In this interactive class we will identify some of the areas where we hold fixed positions, discuss readings that encourage non-duality, and learn some techniques and tools to develop our own capacity to balance the two hemispheres of the brain and embrace opposites.

The class will conclude with I-Ching drumming (developed by Melinda Maxfield). Among several drumming patterns we will learn will perform the “Polarity Duet.

Course Details

Course Duration:

5 - 2.5-hour sessions, 11.0 hours total

Class Location:


Method of Delivery:

Lecture, discussion, practices, I-Ching drumming, Blessing process (Gregg Braden) 

Class Materials:

Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer by Greg Braden,

Brain States by Tom Kenyon, Journal


Additional Material:  

The Middle Way (Buddhism), HH Dalai Lama, Hemi-Synch music, I-Ching Drumming



Course Fee:


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New Dates Coming Soon

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