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3-Day Course

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Journey Into Awakening Scholarship

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Take a powerful 3-Day journey of learning the sacred teachings and wisdom from living Spiritual Avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan.

This live ONLINE EVENT allows you to undergo a deep inner journey of healing and awakening while in the comfort of your own home.
   •    Spiritual Awakening - 
Undergo powerful processes to shift your consciousness into a state of deep inner freedom.

   •    Divine Connection -
Awaken and Deepen the Connection to your Higher Sacred Self. Live a Life of Miracles and Grace.

   •    Global Transformation - 
Join a sacred family of 64,000 thousand spiritual beings across the globe who are working together towards the awakening of humanity. Be initiated as a Happiness Meditator, empowering you with the ability to help others shift in consciousness. 

To make it easier to participate, you can begin installment payments now.

Information and Registration here.

Please indicate Gwendolyn Mitchell (registration coordinator for Northern California) referred you to attend. 

Also, to help build leadership in the Golden Age Movement community, for each 3-day course, Moyo Institute, Inc. offers two partial, one-time scholarships for those who meet the criteria and need a little financial help to attend. View scholarship application