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Message from the CEO

New Directions in 2023

We want to take this time to offer our deepest gratitude to everyone we have had the opportunity to work with during recent years - clients, community members, organizational leaders, supporters and donors.


When Moyo Institute was envisioned nearly nine years ago, a group of individuals who knew each other personally, professionally, or in spiritual community, and several like-minded individuals who were meeting for the first time, gathered on Sunday afternoons, shared Indian food and talked about the condition of the world. Among the group were healers, meditators, intuitives, a nurse practitioner, nutritionist, psychotherapist, and visionaries. Each brought an important world-view and understanding of the human condition.


The group was committed to creating an organization that could have a positive impact on communities and spent considerable time envisioning a world where collaboration, mutual respect, acceptance, and support would pervade human consciousness. The vision was lofty and could take many forms. The group felt the greatest impact would be attained if the focus was on developing new courses and programs, and supporting existing programs that focus of consciousness. After all, that is where everything begins.  Thus, our mission statement: 

Moyo's mission is to offer heart-centered educational experiences that foster inner peace, happiness, wellbeing, creativity, connection and oneness.


The work has taken many forms over the past eight years and was best summed up during a presentation in 2021, when Moyo was selected as a nonprofit partner for the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living...

In 2022, in recognition of the devastation that cancer is having on the black community, Moyo received a grant from the Lloyd Symington Foundation to create and offer workshops for African American women journeying with cancer. The "Love Letters to our Bodies" program was born. The workshop focus is the mind/body/spirit connection. The grant was awarded again for 2023.  Our goal is to make this a nationwide project this year.  


Locally, we are committed to continuing partnering with CoBiz Richmond to support the health and wellbeing of the community.  Some projects Moyo previously worked on will come to closure this year. We will also spend time in retreat to assess our direction going forward. 

We wish you a year filled with grace, health, wellbeing and abundance. More to come as the year progresses.

Gwendolyn Mitchell

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