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Opening the

Healing Channel

Our natural state is wholeness... Stress and trauma make it difficult to maintain that state.  MOYO offers training in healing arts to support our ability to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance to return to the state of wholeness.


The healing arts are "portals" that help us move into inner dimensions of ourselves.  They also move us beyond the focus on self, giving us tools to assist others in their healing process.  MOYO also offers Healing Arts experiences to clients.


Reiki Masters conduct training and initiation into the Japanese system of healing known as Usui System of Reiki. This is a twelve-hour course spread over two or four days. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to use Reiki healing energy to treat themselves and others. After sometime of daily practice, they will be eligible to advance further to Reiki Level II and if it is their path, to explore the possibility of becoming a Reiki Master.

Course Details

Course Duration:

2-days (4 3-hour segments) for Reiki 1

Various Locales


Method of Delivery:

Lecture, initiation ceremonies, self-treatment, treatment of others

Class Materials:

Open heart and open mind, hands


None for Reiki 1; Reiki 2 requires completion of Reiki 1 plus 90 days of self-treatment

Course Fee:

$200 for Reiki 1

Upcoming Courses

Crystal Ball

Reiki 1

Nov 5 & 6


Golden Gate Bridge

Reiki 2

Feb 4 & 5


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