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Beauty is an Inside Job

Moyo Musings - Weekly Reflections for Growth

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become painfully clear how much of our personal care is outsourced... Whether it is facials, hair styling, manicures, pedicures, or make up, many of us have lost touch with a primal task of self-care. We have opted for the convenience of the salon for those basic and finishing touches that bolster our confidence and presumably make us more attractive to others. The lack of access to these basic services has made me contemplate the question: What is beauty?

Mama's Wisdom

"Beauty is as beauty does," was often my mama's refrain when I was growing up. It was a reminder that the external standards we use to define beauty do not capture the whole picture. In fact, they barely scratch the surface. It doesn't matter how coiffed our hair is, or how much make up we wear. These pale when compared to the inner radiance that springs from contentment, peace and the absence of internal conflict.

Inner Radiance

Two of the ways to create inner radiance and inner beauty are meditation and mindfulness. Meditation helps you see things more clearly, reduces stress so you can live life more fully awake and present. Practicing mindfulness helps you to control habitual impulses and reactions. Together meditation and mindfulness train the mind to be awake, stable, peaceful, reflective and grounded in the present moment. So, even when we are in the midst of conflict, we can remain calm in our hearts.

Heart-Centered Beauty

There is nothing more beautiful than a person who his peaceful, grounded and present. To support the development of heart-centered beauty, join our Online Meditation at 7 p.m., Pacific. The meditations are facilitated by different members of the community and are available Monday through Saturday, except Wednesdays here. On Wednesdays, at 7 p.m., join us here for an open-eyes meditation that is a transmission of Supreme Light.

As we heal disappointments, injuries, and traumas, we create more peace within our being and that peace radiates outward as heart-centered compassion for others and ourselves. When these lead to considerate action and kindness, nothing is more beautiful. As mama always said, "Beauty is as beauty does."

~ Gwendolyn Mitchell

photo by Alex Sorto on Unsplash


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