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Ekam - A Powerhouse for Transformation

Join Global Meditation Tonight at 9:30 p.m., Pacific and Devote 7 Minutes Daily to Collective Enligthenment

People around the world will gather online tonight and tomorrow morning to connect with the energy of Ekam. A Sanskrit word meaning “One,” Ekam refers to the source from which the universe was formed. Synonymous with God, it is also the name used for the “the Supreme Oneness,” or highest form of oneness. The edifice in the photo bears the name Ekam and also is known as the Oneness Field. It was built for the express purpose to focus and radiate this primordial energy to help humanity attain freedom from suffering.

Many people who have spent time meditating in Ekam say that is not just a building, it is a living being, a womb, where they have experienced healing, release of long-term emotional traumas, joy, ecstasy and awakening to their Divine nature. In short, Ekam is a powerhouse for transformation.

Transformation Field

"Ekam was conceived for the purpose of collective human transcendence and collective human enlightenment," said Sri Bhagavan whom, along with Sri Amma, has made his life's mission, to gather 64,000 beings in awakened consciousness for collective meditation to transform humanity. "To participate in this mission, one has to participate in tonight's global initiation ceremony, and be willing to dedicate a segment of your consciousness and 7 minutes each day to meditate for the purpose of global transformation."

The Oneness Field affects and uplifts one's consciousness into transcendental realms because it is, in itself, a phenomenon. Meditating and being part of the processes at Ekam propels you into Oneness.

The initiation will be offered twice. You may participate in either session: is offered twice. You may participate in either session:

  • Friday, May 22nd at 9:30pm PDT | 10:30pm MDT | 11:30pm CDT | 12:30am EDT (Saturday, May 23rd)

  • Saturday, May 23rd at 5:30am PDT | 6:30am MDT | 7:30am CDT | 8:30am EDT

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Key Facts About the Oneness Field

Architectural Wonder: The Oneness Field, one of India’s architectural wonders, towers majestically over the foothills and vast open plains of the Velikonda Range. It is situated on the eastern coast of southern India, 80 km north of the city of Chennai.

Earth's Energy Grid: The main edifice stands 105 feet high on forty-two acres of level land. It is positioned at a point where the earth’s grid or energy lines meet creating heightened energy levels.

Powerhouse: It is a powerhouse of energy surrounded by a moat circulating water clockwise. The ripples created by meditations from within neutralize harmful energies in seekers as they cross the moat making their way into The Oneness Field.

Impacting Brain and Consciousness: The eight octagonal staircases located in the four corners of The Field harmonize the static and dynamic energies of the universe. These energies are channeled into the body to activate the mystic chakras thus activating various parts of the brain.

Four Cardinal Directions: The four cardinal directions are highlighted by the marble-carved faces and heads of four different animals. Each of these are meant to attract one specific aspect of energy to benefit the seekers who walk past them.

Heightened States: Built according to the ancient Hindu principles of architecture, Vaastu Shastra, every precise aspect and detail of The Oneness Field creates heightened energy levels.


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