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Reduce Anxiety During COVID-19

By now, we have all heard of the actions we can take to help spread COVID-19, such as those listed above. As these requirements continue, especially the social distancing, the inability to work and earn a living, many people are beginning to experience anxiety. Those who do not have a financial safety net are especially hard hit. The impacts - both real and imagined - will continue to affect societies for the foreseeable future.

It will likely take time for sufficient immunity or a vaccine to be developed. Until then, even if the lockdowns are lifted, we won't return to our customary ways of living and interacting for some time. In the meantime, many people are experiencing isolation, fear and anxiety. We have tools to share to help reduce anxiety.

Join us on Zoom for various meditations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7:00 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time, Meeting ID: 989 639 329 Password: 205870 or click here:

Also, it may be helpful to think of the current situation from a different perspective. Have you thought about blessing the coronavirus?

There is a Divine reason for the coronavirus COVID-19, and we can call it forth. This virus is a living thing and a part of this wonderful living Universe. It is not here to wipe out humanity and it cannot do that. If with our limited knowledge of how to handle it, it can kill 2% of those who contract it. Then even if all humans get the virus, 98% of humanity will still live.

Life cannot sabotage itself. It always works to support and promote itself as us and through us. BE NOT AFRAID. Stand in your holiness and bless the virus. What you bless, loses its power. What you bless, increases in its power of goodness.

Declare this blessing several times in the day and contemplate on what other good, it may have in store for humanity.


I Bless the spirit, the soul and the five senses of the coronavirus COVID-19 with the spiritual will and fortitude to accelerate and complete its Divine mission. I Bless its mission of:

1. Stimulating health, vitality, wholeness, and beauty in humanity and in animals.

2. Quickening immunity and resilience in humanity and in animals.

3. Awakening in humanity that we can be less busy with our worldly concerns and make time to be with family and to discover family values and opportunities to help one another.

4. Teaching us that we can be available for ourselves and neighbors, supporting one another.

5. Guiding us into isolation to experience our true Inner Selves and to enjoy and celebrate the wonderful selves that we find within.

6. Opening our eyes to community and global feeling and realizing that humanity is one being with common problems and desires.

Taking this or a similar perspective about the coronavirus has two benefits. It moves us out of the fear and it empowers us to find a positive way to respond. Let us take full advantage of this experience and find ways to go forward with a commitment to supporting ourselves and each other to wholeness.


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