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Thank You for Helping Us to Help Others

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

A Time to Reflect on Key Accomplishments in Celebration & Gratitude

As the year comes to a close, thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way to the mission of Moyo Institute. Moyo's mission is to offer heart-centered educational experiences that foster inner peace, happiness, wellbeing, creativity, connection and oneness.

That mission has been particularly joyful as we made it possible for 31 people, whom otherwise would not have been able, to participate in the 74000 Deeksha Yajna: Enlightened Life Now program. The program is transforming the lives of thousands globally as people are gifted with enlightened experience.

In addition, during the past two years, 10 scholarships were awarded for people to attend the Awakening Into the Golden Age three-day course. Many are now able to share Peak State transfer, a high state of consciousness characterized by the absence of mind interference.

Moyo was awarded a grant by the Lloyd Symington Foundation to provide healing workshops for African American women journeying with cancer. The Love Letters to Our Bodies workshops represent the first phase of a project which will continue in the year ahead.

In partnership with Cobiz Richmond, for the past two years, Moyo has provided twice weekly meditation sessions entitled Moyo Minutes live on Instagram during the lunch hour as a community support and resource.

Moyo's CEO Gwendolyn Mitchell also serves as an organizer for the Golden Age Movement (GAM) and has had the good fortune of helping to establish a social media presence for the work, personally creating the Golden Age Movement USA-Canada website, the 74k DY landing page, and leading the growth of the Instagram account from 3 followers to 960 this year. "This is a labor of love," said Mitchell. "Bringing the message of oneness to support the transformation of the human experience is the reason for which I was born."

"None of this would be possible without the ongoing support of Moyo's Board of Directors, team members, fellow GAM organizers and donors who have contributed to Moyo," Mitchell continued. "From the bottom of my heart, please accept our thanks."


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