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Rite of Passage

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Connect the Dots - Rite of Passage Project


Youth Collaboration for Underserved Communities

The “Connect the Dots” Project for local underserved communities focuses on adolescent girls in economically disadvantaged areas offering a framework and tools to access inner resources to help reduce the impact of toxic stress, increase their physical and mental wellbeing and supporting their empowerment and resilience.


Toxic stress – associated with under resourced areas, adverse childhood experiences, discrimination, violence, racism and poverty – affects the academic performance and social-emotional development of youth. Moyo’s “Connect the Dots” Project assists young people in accessing their innate wisdom and strength so that they can achieve academic and life success by introducing ritual, breath awareness, meditation and other transformation tools for self-management.


Girls also will learn to reach for balanced inner states and creativity, and inspire other youth to do so as well.

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