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Sacred Chambers

A visit to the Sacred Chambers is entering into powerful mini-retreat to strengthen one's connection with Source.  

Some part of us longs for a connection with what we sense as something greater than us. We may call it the Great Spirit, the Universe, the Cosmos, the Light, the Spiritual Presence, the All That Is, the Higher Self, the Inner Being, or God. There also are many stories of people interacting and conversing with this force. For them, the Divine was not an abstract concept. The connection was both physical and intimate.

When reading or hearing about those stories, we may have thought they were metaphors or experiences only for a chosen few: the larger-than-life beings like Jesus, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Rama, Krishna, Mohammed, Hafiz, Rumi, Lao Tzu, Buddha, or Kwan Yin.

One of the hallmarks of the Golden Age is that men and women become aware of our own divinity. As we enter this new age, we are receiving so much help from Universal Intelligence on our journey of inner discovery and wholeness.

The Sacred Chambers phenomenon is an opportunity to have an experience of communion with your Divine. The phenomenon began spontaneously in India in 2013. It is now spreading across the globe and is available in selected homes and Oneness Centers in many countries. This is a power-packed, no-cost, three-hour mini-retreat where participants experience calm, peaceful renewal.

Chamber Details


3 to 3.5 hours

Class Location:


Method of Delivery:

Facilitated contemplation

Class Materials:

Notebook, pen and yoga mat



Session Fee:

This is a priceless no-cost session.  Bring an offering of flowers.

Upcoming Sessions

Crystal Ball
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June 9, 2019

Marina Bay Address 

Golden Gate Bridge
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New Dates Added monthly

Marina Bay Address

Crystal Ball
Marina Bay Sunset.JPG


New dates added monthly

Marina Bay Address 

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