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Sacred Journeys

Sacred Journeys

The most "Sacred Journey" is the journey home to our innermost truth... the journey to awakening.  Awakening cannot be earned. It is a gift from the Divine.  It is a promise… our birthright. No amount of effort can secure it, yet one must exhaust all effort before it is attained. Through the grace of the Divine, one can experience spontaneous “awakening.”  


Moyo's Sacred Journeys are pointers towards the truth... our indisputable existence as an expression of Source, and our oneness with all that is, so that the theory of a unified field becomes our actual reality. 


This seven-week intensive is for seekers who already have an established daily meditation practice and are engaged in introspective self-awareness.  For those ready to move beyond concepts to a direct experience, Moyo's Sacred Journeys is a personalized process to cut through the ropes of the ego so the eternal Self can be discovered/revealed.  The Sacred Journeys Intensive includes inner work supported by time in power places that support inner stillness:

  • Awakening to the Supreme Light of Supreme Love course

  • Art of Experiencing

  • Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditations

  • Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chamber Sessions

  • Guided Sacred Tour in India, including Meditation at Ekam – The Oneness Field

  • Connection to the Divine Feminine at Sri Amma's Temple at Neemam and Matri-Mandir in Auroville


Email for more info about Sacred Journeys.


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