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Understanding Chakras

Chakras are the 114 vortices of energy in the pranic body. In this course, we focus on the seven chakras which correspond to areas of the physical body beginning at the pelvic floor and moving up towards the crown of the head. The chakras are not made up of the physical body, however. Chakras represent the subtle body. They serve to connect the physical body to the energetic body, each corresponding to a different area, different energy, and different qualities.


Through the chakras, we are able to work with our life energies in a positive way. Learning about the chakras, and how chakra imbalances can affect our lives, and vice versa, can help us to understand the subtle nature of life itself. Through asana, pranayama, and meditation we can rebalance the chakras to improve energy flow within the body, mind, and spirit.  

This course will cover the Sanskrit names, sacred sounds, hand positions, physical organs and emotional states associated with the chakras.  It also will cover the function of the nadis (channels). In the Understanding Chakras course, we will delve into each chakra, learning its significance, how to identify chakra imbalances, and how to bring each chakra back into balance.

Course Details

Course Duration:

4 hours

Class Location:


Method of Delivery:

Lecture, video, and interactive sharing

Class Materials:

Notebook, pen and yoga mat


Curious Mind, Open Heart

Course Fee:


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