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WYCM Scholarship Application

Opportunities are available for youth (Group 1: 15-18 years, and Group 2: 19-28 years), who are passionate and have worked to improve their communities and the world, to receive a scholarship to attend the WORLD YOUTH CHANGE MAKERS (WYCM) course in India.


WYCM is a 7-day spiritual experience developed by O&O Academy for youth interested in becoming leaders with powerful presence to inspire and heal the world.  Scholarship recipients must be willing to volunteer for tasks before, during and after the course - especially in spreading the word about the course to their friends and family.  


The tuition for the WYCM course is $1500 or $3,000 depending on which campus a youth selects for accommodations. Additional expenses may be incurred for transportation, food and lodging. If selected for a WYCM scholarship, the Youth Scholarship Fund will pay the tuition fee of $1,500 (or some portion thereof), providing that all other criteria are met.  


Traveling to and India can be physically, emotionally and mentally challenging. A physician’s authorization to travel may be required for all youth.

Moyo Institute, Inc., is administering the WYCM USA Scholarship Application process.


  1. If completing this application by hand, please print clearly.

  2. Provide a one page essay that addresses the following requirements:

    1. In one paragraph, describe why you should be granted the opportunity to attend WYCM;

    2. Agree to perform volunteer service at the course, as needed;

    3. Agree to provide a brief statement at the end of the course summarizing how you benefited; and

    4. Participate in and bring at least two (2) friends to O&O pre-and/or post-conference events;  

    5. Provide documented medical clearance to travel from your physician;

    6. Provide name of person who referred you and your relationship to that person.

  3. Complete this online application.  

  4. If selected, you must have (or obtain) a valid passport.  The passport must not expire in less than six months following completion of your travel.

  5. You must have (or obtain) a valid Tourist Visa for India adequate to cover your planned travel time.

  6. You will be responsible for all expenses, not covered by the scholarship, which may include airfare, hotel, ground transportation and incidental expenses for the days before and/or after the WYCM program.

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