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Black Women Dealing with Cancer Submit Your Love Letters & Attend Free Online Workshop July 16 &17

A Collaboration with the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic for Integrative Cancer Care

Cancer is ravaging the Black community. Anything we can do to help inform and support people in the process is important. In this Love Letters to Our Bodies workshop on July 16/17, we will share three simple techniques:

  • one to energize the body;

  • one to help the body assimilate medications; and

  • one to help release anxiety.

In addition, we will explore themes related to how the women experience their bodies, stories they tell themselves, how that has changed since their diagnosis, and how they engage in self-care. In June, the first workshop was held online. Participants who attended unanimously stated in an anonymous poll that they recommend the workshop to others.

The workshop is funded by a Lloyd Symington Foundation grant making it possible to offer the workshop at no cost to participants. In addition to the eight-hour workshop over two days, Love Letters submitted by participants will be published in in a booklet this fall.

Any Black female who is a cancer patient or cancer survivor may be included in the Love Letters to Our Bodies booklet to be published this fall, even if she is unable to attend the workshop. She may submit her Love Letter, contact info and photo to

Here is the link to register for the workshop on July 16/17 (4 hours both days):

More info is available at this link:


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